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        Explore Downtown London

        Colourful Interior of Reset Cafe
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        Look at Downtown London as your backyard.

        Needs/Wants interior shot
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        Explore our many retail storefronts and their one-of-a-kind offerings.

        Boy playing at splash pad
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        Attend a concert, street festival, or be entertained by our many game-based businesses.

        Dos Tacos Meal
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        From fine dining to healthy grab-and-go options, enjoy a dining experience like none other.

        People sitting down at a coffee shop
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        Join the Downtown London business community and benefit from member perks.

        Getting Downtown

        Directions & Parking

        Find a Business

        Business Directory

        Interactive Map of Downtown

        Explore the Map

        Meet Your Neighbours

        Check Out Pinkal Medical Aesthetics

        “I am a local business and I have my kids in Taekwondo and pay a fee that I earn from […]

        Check Out Hassan Law

        “Go out and support your neighbours… shop local and get to know what is offered next door.” – Hamoody Hassan, […]

        Check Out The Mama's Physio

        “It is important to ‘Keep London Local’ because, as virtual realities become more common, we need to be intentional about interacting […]
        Dundas Place Streetscape

        Thinking about making a move?

        Why Downtown London is right for your business

        Dynamic, modern, and growing, London’s downtown is the choice of new destination businesses, growing boutiques, restaurants, emerging artists and community activators who are looking for out-of-the-box customers, streetscapes, and spaces.

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        What are you waiting for?

        Begin your Downtown London adventure.

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